- Introduction
- Gamma Compensation for vray
- The Render Panel
- Progressive & Render Mask
- Exercise: How to take advantage of the Render Mask

- V-Ray Frame Buffer
- V-Ray Toolbar and Vray Quick Settings
- Production time
- Personal vision
- Order your copy now
- Learn V-Ray

(*) Get the free e-book, tutorials and offers from Learnvray.com

In this free ebook we talk about how new features in vray 3 can be applied to 5SRW, using the photographic approach

The main book “Photography & Rendering with V-Ray” (hard copy/250 pages with DVD) focuses entirely on the implementation of basic photographic concepts in the process of creating an image through rendering.

In vray 3 several commands now have sightly different name, or are simply found in different places, I have written this e-book so that using the main book is even easier. Several new options have also been introduced, none of which, however, change the photographic rationale behind Photography & Rendering with Vray. This could not be otherwise, as photorealism means first of all adopting a photographic attitude, which automatically produces a photographically correct result.

A detailed overview of all the new features is available on the official website http://www.v-ray.com. In this e-book we are going to look at the V-Ray 3.0 updates that are good to know so that you can always find everything you need to implement photographic concepts

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